Today's advertising professionals are searching for media investments that go further, work harder, and deliver improved accountability. The search ends here. Ultimately, the goal of any campaign, whether interactive or traditional, is to connect brands to their consumers. Activecast Media © not only facilitates this goal, but we do everything possible to maximize the value of our clients' media investments and to optimize how those dollars are spent.

Activecast Media © provides advertisers with direct access to the highest quality media inventory on the web. We supplement our media offering with a comprehensive suite of technologies and services that deliver, track and optimize online advertising campaigns for maximum response. Whether your goal is to increase brand lift or to generate on-the-spot sales, we can put together a media program that is precisely crafted to your needs.

Advertiser Highlights

  • Achieve maximum campaign ROI with dynamic creative, site and frequency targeting and optimization
  • Develop campaigns around all standard ad units and rich media formats
  • Access timely market and campaign insight with real-time reporting
  • Work with a team who has over 10 years of direct industry experience
  • Execute campaigns across the industry's most sophisticated campaign delivery and management platform, AdGlobal?
  • Answer the call for increased accountability with systems that quantify your interactive brand and direct response efforts, providing tangible evidence of media performance


  • Advertise online with complete brand control
  • Evaluate performance with real-time reports
  • Reach your target audience with accuracy on a mass scale
  • Manage and control all aspects of online advertising


  • Transparent, quality network reaching over two-thirds of internet users
  • Flexible ad formats, including video and rich media
  • Premium inventory, including Roadblocks, individual site sponsorships, homepage and gateway sponsorships, and micro-sites
  • Behavioral Targeting as well as demographic and psychographic segmentation capabilities
  • Sophisticated ad effectiveness studies measuring attitudinal impact
  • Comprehensive campaign management and reporting


  • Improve ad response
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Manage and optimize your advertising spend
  • Increase sales revenue and ROI
  • Control risk with powerful technology

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